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So, what is FASD?
We are FAS Survivors!

We, the FAS survivor adults are saying LOUD and CLEAR

No Amount of Alcohol is Safe for a Developing Fetus. Ever.

Try to live with our challenges, then perhaps then you will believe.

FASD means fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. It is an umbrella (that means over the top) term of the other diagnosis that come under it like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE) etc. Alot of people have argued about "what to call this" and we really don't care what the lable is because... We are the survivors who were being bathed in alcohol before our births.

A bit of history:

So what Is FASD?

How Do FASDs Happen?

Outside of the body alcohol can be very useful—it can power machines, fight heart disease and kill fast growing cells like viruses and bacteria. Inside the body of a pregnant woman it also can KILL the fast growing cells of a fetus (that's the very beginning of becoming a baby)

A fetus, is a group of fast growing cells, developing to become human being.

"How much alcohol is safe for a developing fetus?"

The top medical expert organizations agree no amount of alcohol is safe for a developing fetus.

WE AGREE because we know from the inside out what it does to a person for their WHOLE LIFE!

The first 2.5 weeks of pregnancy (up to three days after conception)

After the embryo is connected to the mother, the alcohol the mother drinks she now shares with this future human being. The mother may not even know she is pregnant yet!

From the embryonic stage all the way through birth, alcohol causes trouble to our development and provides no nutritional value. It steals away who had the potential to be and we become what is left!

At school age, children with FASD are often identified as having one or more behavioral, attention or learning difficulties, and may be diagnosed as having ADHD.

This leads the affected person to live a life with more stress, obstacles, loneliness, failure and fewer successes (Kanter and Streissuth 1997).

How come if this is one of the leading causes of learning differences are tens of thousands of babies in the USA still exposed?

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism cut across gender, race, and nationality. (NIAAA)

Generally, women do not intentionally harm their babies. Prenatal alcohol exposure is a very sensitive subject:

The Internet has provided an avenue for people to learn more about conditions and treatments.

FACT: The Internet has also allowed mass distribution of things that are not truth or very misleading.

This kind of misinformation confuses women who are seeking help and accurate information and to the professionals who have painstakingly made advances in understanding maternal alcoholism without casting judgment, with hope for the mother to lead a normal healthy life with her healthy child.

AND if you are a person not affected by FASDs and don't believe this is true. Please ask "THE EXPERTS" we live with it every moment of our lives -
We - tens of thousands each year - were simply born like this!