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Projects to build FASD Awareness
"You can make a difference."


Blankies for Babies

Post a FASD Quilt

  • This is so easy to do. Go to our Quilt-Making webpage and print out all the pieces of this beautiful quilts - then visit your library, school, community center and ask if you can put up a display. It is also a beautiful additional at a laundromat.

Invite a Change Agent to speak

We have a great group of young adults and adults who are able and willing to speak to your organization. Contact jodeekulp@gmail.com for more information.

Create your own Club Costa

John Kellerman and his mom, Teresa have joined together to create a club for teens and adults with FASD. Get together with friends in your area and join the movement.

Host an adult or teen camp

Rob offered this idea to his mother years ago and three national camps have been hosted. We offer all our materials that we used to create the camps so that the next person interested in making it happen has an opportunity for a head start.

  • 2007 - Minnesota (Hosted by MOFAS and Better Endings New Beginnings)
  • 2003 - Michigan (Hosted by Rob Wrybrecht family)
  • 2002 - Michigan (Hosted by Rob Wrybrecht family)

Make some noise in your school

  • MoAngels offers information for high school reports and music

Join International FASDAY on September 9 - do something in your community

  • Lots of great ideas to build awareness in your community

Life Braids - United in WisdomUnite in Wisdom -
Life Braids

Promotes Successful Living with the challenges of FASD. United in Wisdom and Life Braids is an opportunity to make a difference in the community of living with atypical brain differences

Become a Trail Marker Wisdom 4U2 -
Trail Markers

Trailer Markers provide life direction to guide a person with brain differences into healthy sustainable growth.

Research Collaborations

Pilot Dog Project

KNARLWOODS - K9 and Human"kind"